Unfortunately, there hasn't been sufficient interest in this project to justify the time that it takes on a daily basis. Thanks to those who showed enthusiasm and support, and maybe we will come back with something better, that will really capture people's imagination.

Photo for 18 Mar. 09

"Unititled" from Eric Rousset Photography (link to full shot/high resolution)

The subject of this is beautiul, but it is the characteristic processing of Eric Rousset that brings out the great textures and tones in this image. We loved the mysterious mood it evokes, and combination of fine detail and subdued lighting. (We hope to have the full resolution shot here tomorrow)

Photo for 17 Mar. 09

"Please Come in" from Looking Forward (link)

The combination of tones, contrast and composition in capturing this wonderful structure made this the shot of the day.

Photo for 16 Mar. 09

"La Tortue et la Girafe, from Ju - Photo & Exploration (link)

The cold tones, great textures, and wonderful composition, with the added humour and imagination in the title, seeing animal forms in cold industrial structures, made this shot.

Photo for 15 Mar. 09

"Hide Inside Ourselves..." from XoverIP - Vernon Trent (link)

It was just a matter of time before Vernon Trent made an entrance here. Aside from the lighthing, wonderful tonality, texture and other elements of fantastic post-production processing typical of Vernon's work, the pose, with the half-hidden face and upthrown arm, and the mystery evoked by the title, all made this shot for us.

Photo for 14 Mar. 09

"Windmills" from Krims@nline (link)

A simple and in some ways almost stereotypical shot of the Netherlands; but the composition, perspective, the balance provided in part by the beautiful reflections, the wonderful tones, and the overall timeless mood this photo evokes made it shot of the day for us.

Photo for 13 Mar. 09

"The Wedding Singer" from The Life of YPJ (link to full size image).

We thought that the crop on this photo could have been much tighter, and that the large white blur in the foreground is really distracting; but those problems notwithstanding, the sheer intensity of expression, combined with the edgy lighting and contrast, made this our pick of the day.